Only the most advanced Gerber Systems, France and Gerber from USA are used at Divine Group to ensure that each garment is an identical reproduction of the approved sample. The company uses Automatic Fabric Spreading facility and computerized marker system.

List of Machinerey
Sr. Type Brand MC.QTY
1. Computer Dell 4
2. CAD Machine Gerber Plotter 1
3. CAD Machine Winda 1
4. Sample Cutting Winda 1.
5. Auto Spreaders Gerber Gerber Spreader 2.
6. Cutting Table Local 8
7. K. M. Cutting Machine K.M. Cutting Machine 17
8. Blister Machine Blister. Cutting Machine 13
9. Hand Track/ Sticker Machine 10
Cutting Capacity : 1,00,000 pcs. per day

Contact Details

Phone- 88-02-9886163, 88-02-9889707, 88-02-8816000
Fax- 88-02-9885032
Email: info@divinetextile.com