Divine Group has dyeing and finishing facilities. It has the latest machinery for fabric dyeing & finishing. The state-of-the-art equipment re-enforced with its intensive experience and expertise results in a clone-like uniformity of the dye house material. In dyeing section Divine group uses Fong's & Dilmenler's brand machines for high temperature and atmospheric dyeing.

In Finishing section Divine Group is using the world's latest technology of well-known brand Steenter machine from Turkey and SANTEX Ag brand machine from Switzerland.

List of Machinery
Sr.Machine Type Brand Origin T. Qty.
1.Eco-soft plus' short liquor Dyeing M/C Dilmenler Turkey 6
2.Eco-soft plus' short liquor Dyeing M/C Thies Germany 4
3.Dyeing M/C Fongs Hong Kong 1
4.Mini-softfabric sample Dyeing Machine Thies Germany 5
5.Sample Dyeing M/C Dilmenler Turkey 1
6.Slitting Cori no Italy 2
7.Steenter Acc,Bruckner, Unitech Turkey & Germ, Italy 3
8. Back sewing & Hydro Extractor MTG&Sperottorima Italy 2
9.Dryer (Tube) Santex AG Switzerland 1
10. Tumble Dyer Peacock Taiwan 6
11. Compactor, Raising & Open Compactor Sperottorimar,Luffer Italy 3
12. Tube heat setting & Fabric Inspection Rol Dongman & Buvenclik Koria & Turkey 1.
13.Sueding Mc Luffer Italy 2
14. Equalizer Dryer Delmenlar Turkey 1
15. Sensing Osthoffsenge Germany 1
16. Spectra Photometer Data Color USA 1
17. Chemical Auto Dispensing Eliar Electro mekanic Turkey 1
18.Dyeing M/CDILMENLERTurkey 8
19. Slitting Corino Italy 2
19. Stenter Bruckner Germany 2
20.Stenter Unitech Italy 1
21.Compactor Lafer Italy 1
22. Tumble Peacock M/c Taiwan 5
23. Suiding Lafer (Ultra Soft) Italy 1
24.Inspection GUVEN CELIK Turkey 1
25.Stenter ACC Turkey 1
Total Machine Quantity 63 .
Dyeing Capacity : 30 Tons per day.
Finishing Capacity : 80 Tons per day.

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