CRESECENT has strong and well governance system to function the organizational activities. The organization practices Good Governance in all decision making procedures and regular operation. CRESCENT is community based organization where the community is leads the organizational by following the organizational constitution. General committee and Executive committee mainly leaded the organization effectively.

General committee:

CRESENT has a general committee which is comprised by 21 dynamic and social committed people from various profession and groups. This committee is the highest decision making body of the organization which meet at least one time in a year with any important and emergency period. This body takes major organizational decision (i.e. annual plan, annual budget, annual audit, property transfer/ purchase etc.) with other major statement.

Executive committee:

Executive committee is the representatives of General committee to operate regular activities of organization on behalf of general committee. Executive committee is consists 7 members who are selected by the general committee for 2 years. This committee is responsible and accountable to general committee for their activities. General Secretary operates the regular activities of organization by the guidance of executive committee.

pply of polices:

CRESCENT apply general committee approved policies and guideline for regular operation and taking any decision. The policies are guided to management and administration for taking any kinds of operational measure. The applied policies are – Organizational constitutions, Strategic Plan, Human Resource policy, Financial Management policy, Procurement policy, Gender Policy, Contingency plan, Child Protection policy, Information discloser policy.

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