Mr. Md. Hasanuzzaman
Managing Director
Divine Group Limited

Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives, Core Values: Vision: Develop a generation free from discrimination, any kind of exploitation and poverty. Mission: Create self-financed, self-employed and self-empowered communities with increased capabilities by providing need-based services and supports like microfinance, agriculture, housing, protection of human rights, health, sanitation, Education, HIV/AIDS prevention etc. Goal: Improve socio-economic conditions of the disadvantaged, underprivileged women, men and children and the community people as a whole.

Objective: • Improving the socio-economic situations of the disadvantaged and underprivileged people through implementing different concerned development programs and projects. • Ensuring food security for the disadvantaged and underprivileged poor people through increasing income level and production. • Supporting the disadvantaged and underprivileged people for capacity building and ensuring provisions of basic needs of life like employment, income, health, education, etc. • Extending support in building institution of the target groups for establishing their basic rights in the family, community and society at large. • Developing community ownership to the organization and capacity of Local NGOs for networking

Core Values:  Not for profit: CRESECENT declared as a community based no-profitable organization. All activities of CRESCENT is targeting to community development and benefits from any IGA in future will be used for organizational purposes.

 Non political: CRESCENT does not have any directly or indirectly affiliation with any political parties. It will work in cooperation with government bodies and agencies.

 Equality: CRESCENT believes that all people are born equal and reserve rights to enjoy all human rights. It will implement all actions by considering the equality of all people.

 Integrity: CRESCENT will maintain integrity in all activities and the staff will carry out their duties in an honest manner and create a example to the community.

 Non-violence: CRESCENT believes that all forms of violence are to be condemned and its staff will at no point become involved in or support any kind of violent behavior

 Transparency: CRESCENT will be transparent to all about their service. All information about the organization; its staff, programmes, budgets and financing sources will be available to the public through application, visit to organization’s offices or website.
 Courage: In the face of injustice and large scale poverty, CRRESCENT staff and the community in general will require individual and collective courage.

 Accountability: CRESCENT will be accountable to beneficiaries to provide their support and ensure better service to them. It will be accountable to GOB and development partners also.

Contact Details

Phone- +8801712621796
Fax- Nill

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