Divine Group has dyeing and finishing facilities. It has the latest machinery for fabric dyeing & finishing. The state-of-the-art equipment re-enforced with its intensive experience and expertise results in a clone-like uniformity of the dye house material. In dyeing section Divine group uses Fong's & Dilmenler's brand machines for high temperature and atmospheric dyeing.

In Finishing section Divine Group is using the world's latest technology of well-known brand Steenter machine from Turkey and SANTEX Ag brand machine from Switzerland.

List of Machinery
Sl. No. Brand Origin Capacity M/C. Qty
1. Fong's China 50kg 01
2. Fong's China 95kg 01
3. Fong's China 190kg 02
4. Fong's China 340kg 02
5. Fong's China 500kg 01
6. Fong's China 750kg 01
7. Fong's China 990kg 01
Total 09
Sample Dyeing:
1. Fong's China 6kg 02
2. Fong's China 12kg 02
3. Fong's China 25kg 01
Total 05
Soft winding:
1. SSM Switzerland 6500kg 04
Total 04
Hard winding:
1. ARB Xinsfieng China 7200kg 06
Total 06
Hydro Extractor:
1. Dettin Italy 12000kg 02
Total 02
RF Dryer:
1.Stray Field UK 12000kg02
Total 02
Average Production Capacity: 6 Ton per Day

Contact Details

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Fax- 88-02-9885032
Email: info@divinetextile.com