A Social Welfare Organaiation

CRESCENT started the journey on 2002 at Satkhira district which is situated at the south-west coastal region of Bangladesh where most the people are depriving from socio-economic development. Natural disaster affected on the area frequently due to the geographical location which is the impact of worldwide climate change. Those incidents are back warding the socio-economic condition of the community. They inhabitants are suffering for living due to the job scarcity and no option of industrialization. Agriculture sector is not progressing due to the lack of modern technological knowledge of farmer, increased salinity and losing the cultivable land by grabbing the expanded shrimp farming and meet up the needs of population growth. The people are living with illiteracy, social irregularities what’s violating human rights where the respective authorities cloud not protect to rights violation due to the poor governance system.

To overcome the situation, some young and social committed people have taken initiatives and started to a dreamy journey towards inclusive and living friendly society. In the path, CRESENT was there one stone what the tied on 2002 as social and community leading non-profit making organization. The organization is helping the social dedicated volunteers as a lighthouse on their development journey. Now a day, CRESENT is lighting the society through the development flame by the support of GoB, community and development partners. CRESENT is carrying the slogan “Ensure Sustainable advancement through Community Development”. CRESCENT also registered from NGO Affairs Bureau under Foreign Donation, Directorate of Social Services and Microcredit Regulatory Authority. Now the organization is working at alover the Satkhira, Jessore, Khulna, Bagerhat abd Sirajgonj District.


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